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Lancaster VR at Nanton Alberta


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Hey guys, I just got the latest BCMC news letter and they are going to set up a Lancaster VR experience at the Museum very soon..... check this video out..... if you get a chance you should check out the museum it is well worth the donation admission...... we have a real live Lancaster with engine starts, a Bristol Hercules engine they fire up, a Mosquito restoration you can touch with a host of other BCATP artifacts and aircraft.......



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They sure would like to, and it is in the plans but it would take a huge effort, and of course lots of money, but as far as I know yes eventually that is the plan.... it does taxi and all the systems work, bomb doors, control surfaces, lights etc, but she is missing a lot of key components....... the task for now is to expand the museum grounds so she can taxi around on her own power, go and stop... we just need to make the grounds larger and get it paved...... hopefully in the not too distant future.....

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