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Paint crazing


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Never, ever had I experienced paint crazing but it has finally happend. I’ve been air brushing lacquers over Mig Gray Primer (an acrylic) with zero problems for years and In fact, the entire Corsair paint job is Gloss Mr Color over Mig Primer and perfecto: no problems.

I decided to paint the drop tanks a slightly different shade of Gloss Dark Navy Blue and used a brand spanking new bottle of MRP Paint. Usual procedure is a few mist coats, followed up with three wet coats for the a super smooth gloss finish. With in a few minutes, I began to see a lot of crazing and discoloration. OH NO! Thinking somehow the three wet coats were just to much, I strip the drop tanks down to bare plastic and then re- primed with Mr Surfacer 1200 and let dry for a good 24 hrs. Then I re-shot the drop tanks as before with MRP. I fell right off my chair - the drop tanks were all crazed and stained again. Before the MRP was air brushed, I checked the primed drop tanks and they were perfect. 

Stripped them again, re-primed with Mr Surfacer and then re-shot them this time wih Mr Color to a super smooth, deep gloss finish. Perfect finish and zippo crazing. 

My only conclusion: stay clear of MRP for multiple wet coats needed for a gloss finish, as the level of thinner must be ridiculously high as the paint is like water. I shot the MRP straight from the bottle, with 4 drops of mild retarder added, as I have always done for years when doing gloss finishes and no ptoblems until I tangled with MRP. Using up my supply for only matt finishes and then: good bye!




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Damn, glad to hear it was only on the tanks. Had a bit of an operator error myself tonight. Found a hair on the nose of the BF110 right after spraying the clear. In trying to get it off, I smudged the squiggle camo as I guess it was soft from the clear. So a bit of touch up for me. 


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This should be noted and stored in our memory banks guys. So, if we wanted to achieve this kind of finish, on say a very well worn F-100 headrest, we could easilt realise the cracked leather appearance from years in the sun.

Only trouble is... if we wanted it to happen.. guess what!!:wallbash::wallbash:

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