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First of a Fokker pair

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Hi all,
I thought you might like to see my 17th 1:32 scale build - the German Fokker D.VII fighter.  This model is the ‘Wingnut Wings 1:32 scale model (Kit No: 32027) representing the Fokker D.VII (Albatros built) ‘Nickchen IV’, Serial No.817/18 operating with Jasta 53 during August 1918 and flown by Offizierstellvertreter Fritz Blumenthal.

This model is displayed showing the Dutch designer Anthony Fokker posing and about to have his photograph taken.

The basic list of modifications and additions to the model are as follows:
Spark plugs.
Cylinder fuel primers.
Valve springs.
Ignition lead support tubes.
Ignition leads.
Oil reservoir sight glass.
Cylinder jacket coolant pipes.
Cylinder separation.
Hydraulic pipes.
Intake manifold lock rings.
Sump oil tube.

 Modified or corrected:
‘GasPatch’ Spandau machine guns.
Gun installations.
Cockpit control cable pulleys.
Cockpit control lines.
Cockpit cross bracing lines.
Gun firing cables and hand throttle cable.
Engine controls.
Instrument leads/cables.
Fuel pressure pump pipe.
Wind baffle behind pilots head.
Seat harness.
Rigging points.
Animation of control surfaces.
External flight control lines.
Rubber tyres on wheels.
Photo-etch radiator.

Aftermarket additions:
‘Proper Plane’ Heine 1:32 scale wood propeller (WP-003),
‘Taurus Models’ engine intake manifold lock rings (3211),
‘Taurus Models’ engine fuel priming cups (3219),
‘Taurus Models’ engine complete timing gear - conical valve springs (3209),
‘Gaspatch’ Spandau 08/15 extended loading handle (18-32128),
‘HGW Models’ Fokker D.VII seat belts (132302),
‘RB Productions’ Fokker D.VII radiators (RB-P32031),
‘Steve Robson’ supplied wheel rubber tyres,
‘Blackdog Models’ German photographer figure (F32008),
‘Aviattic’ Legend Series - Anthony Fokker figure (ATTL-02),
‘GasPatch’ Elite Accessories 1:48th turnbuckles (Type C),
‘Albion Alloy’ micro-tube 0.4 mm (NST04) and 0.5 mm (MBT05),
‘Steelon’ mono-filament (0.12 mm diameter),
‘Stroft’ mono-filament (0.08 mm diameter),
‘Aviattic’ linen effect decals - Fokker D.VII (Alb) 4 colour lozenge (ATT32164), (ATT32170) and (ATT32171).

As usual I've created a downloadable build log in Adobe PDF format, for those who might want to refer to it for reference or build details. It contains full step by step descriptions of the model build, its modifications/changes and is also supported with illustrations and photographs. If viewed in Adobe Reader, each build log has book marked chapters/headings for easier navigation through the log.

My model website has the gallery page, so to view any model, go to the gallery and select it.  If it has a PDF build log, it will be available to download using the 'PDF' icon on that models photo's page. For any photograph, just click the photo to enlarge or reduce the viewing size.


My next model will be the ‘Aviattic’ stripped down (skeletal) model of the Fokker D.VII, which will be displayed alongside this Fokker D.VII model.
The major airframe components are 3D printed and were purchased from the ‘Shapeways’ web site. All other components for the model will be ‘donated’ from the ‘Wingnut Wing’ kit of the Fokker D.VII (OAW built) (Kit No: 32030).

















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That's an awful lot of kit parts, scratching and aftermarked put into the shaker of your craftmanship and talent to get this stunning result, Chapeau. Can't wait, how the hole thing turns out paired with the skeletal Fokker.

Cheers Rob

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Thanks for the comments - appreciated.

Don't be intimidated by this type of aircraft modelling - you can learn a lot about the aircraft and with patience, the end result can be very satisfying.

Don't forget you can view or download my PDF build log for this model - just use the PDF icon against the model in gallery 2 on my site,


Mikes WW1 Aircraft Models 

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