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1:32 P-47D Thunderbolt 134 Sqn RAF SEAC

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That is exactly what I've been considering for the upcoming Pacific Group Build! I'd love to see a WIP if you've got one posted somewhere. Of course it's also unfortunate to now have this gem as a foil for the turd that I'd eventually turn out.



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Thanks folks!


Not the best images - but a fun project that's been running in parallel with some more complex builds.


Hey Lindsay - where are those positive waves? Am sure yours will be a blinder - if you need any info I have a rather good book on loan to me at the moment that provided the scheme/details for this one.


In progress - not a lot as the airframe was pretty complete when I got it - and I stripped previous paint with isopropanol. There is a thread over on LSP but will post some in-prog. shots (as few as there are) here tomorrow.


Decals are primarily the Freightdog sheet - with aircraft serial and pale blue squadron codes drawn up in CorelDraw and printed on my ALPS.


Paint is predominantly Gunze - with a smattering of Tamiya and Xtracrylix + Alclad. Weathered using oils, Flory wash, Modelmates weathering inks and MIG pigments.


Still to add gunsight and seat straps.


Have fun!



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Guest styrenedemon

Iain, now that you've got your avatar up I recognize you. I had seen your He-111 build over at Britmodeller when I was researching the kit. Thanks for inspiring me to buy it! Looking forward to more. 

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Nice jug Iain ... I'd be fascinated to know where the likes of you, James, Doogs, Dave J. Et Al find the time to push out these terrific models with such apparent ease and quality. Amazing.

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Styrenedemon - if any of my models/progress builds help inspire others then I'm chuffed (and just a little worried - in equal measure!  ;))


Grant - I wish I had more time to spend on the hobby! I guess some things I've got pretty quick at doing with years and years of practice - but I also have gazzilions of projects on the go at once - so some are bound to be spat out as completions every now and then!! As to quality - don't think they're anything special - but OK to my eye - I'm an aviation junkie that would like to have a kinda 'history of aviation' collection in constant scale - just happens to be 1:32  :) Back in the '80s I used to bash out 1:72 vac kits in a weekend as review builds for Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine (built a Contrail Pe 8 bomber in 3 days!) - but bear in mind Connie has been on the go 14 years now!  :(


Nick - sure can - but not sure if I'll be able to add anything - I'm no 111 expert (or expert in anything - but I do enjoy researching and have a reasonable eye for stuff - I think).



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