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Hobby Boss M911 CHET

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Okay, this is what I started when I've been bogged down on the Greek SLUF.


Something completely outside my comfort zone. Last truck I built was the old Airfix Bedford QL gun quad back as teenager in the early 80s. The Meng one was just a bit pricey - this was less than half the cost - and it gets reasonable reviews. Plan is to build it as a Greek one carrying a AMX-30B as the colour scheme looks quite cool. I have the Meng kit for this.


So progress thus far has been making a start on the trailer.



Fit so far has been good and virtually no flash. BUT given the company relationships it seems that HB employ the cousin of Trumpy's 'mad rivetter' - the 'crazy ejection pin guy'!


Not the best picture but it gives an idea of how visible some are. Even better, they're not all sunken, some are proud, some are half and half. All the more fun and to keep you on your toes!

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Hey Gus,

  I was just wondering about the Hobby Boss details on this kit.  I have the very large Hobby Boss kit M1070 with the M1000 trailer.  This is the only Hobby Boss kit that I have, and some of the details just drive me nuts.  I was wondering if your kit is the same way.  I have a really hard time with cheesy looking molded on piping and wiring, that needs removing to be replaced with brass rod and wire.  I would like to get your kit but if it's like the M1070, a lot of extra work involved for me.

Post some photos of the close up details sometime. Enquiring minds want to know.

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Long time since I posted any progress on this as I got on a roll finishing off the A7.

Anyway this is the current status - all basic construction done including all the wheels. God, there are a lot of wheels!





Apologies, these last two are out of focus. The anti-slip plates were scratched using PE from Royal Model in Italy. The string is a bit 'fluffy' but I'm hoping I can tone that down with the paint.




Next step is priming with Ammo's rust primer.

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Nice progress on the Behemoth, it seems like you have a kind of addiction for Greece subjects :D. Understandable, as they have the best weathering branch in the world ;), even the Greek crosses seem hand painted.

Cheers Rob

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Thanks Rob, although there has been a bit of a change in plan for this after I got this book and accompanying paint set from the kids for Christmas.


It's got me in the mood to try a real rusty civilian version of this such as these examples



So instead of a Greek AMX-30 on the back it will have this....


Never built anything remotely like this but elmarriachi did some great builds of similar industrial subjects, so in at the deep end I go!

My thought is it's going to be completely a 'what if' so I can weather as much or as little as I want and can't be wrong. 

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Thanks Phil. Most of it is now primed in Ammo Brown Oxide primer as a base for the rust but our spare room where I work is now full of 'junk' with the kids returning unexpectedly early from Uni! May be a bit before I can make some progress.

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