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New 1/32 Ar-234 announced

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Not really familiar with these guys.  What is their quality like?  Low pressure injection molding?  Had my eye on the MDC kit for a long time but just could never justify the price tag.  This is one that I suspect RoG might get around to eventually too.

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The FLY Natter is pretty good, though as some have mentioned isn't cheap (£33 at Hannants).


Mix of IM main parts, resin (I think) for some details and a little PE (IIRC). Just found a nice review on SP&R to see FLY quality - http://www.scaleplasticandrail.com/kaboom/index.php/all-things-aviation/132-135-scale/132-kit-reviews/787-132-bachem-natter-ba-349v-a-ba-349a-from-fly-models


The MDC Blitz was indeed mastered by Radu and is, in my opinion, still one of the best, most complete 1/32 models ever made. I'm lucky enough to have two of these (one to convert to a 234C) and doubt FLY would be able to replicate the detail MDC provide for a price significantly less than MDC charge.


I had expected Revell to announce one of these at some point, their detail/price point combination would have attracted a different (and larger) audience to those buying  MDC's kit.  Good luck to FLY though.



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