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Sprue bro sale.


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21 minutes ago, Artful69 said:

No meltdown about Me.262 slats, or Mustang wings?? ...

Disappointed!!! ... I am not entertained!! :popcorn:


Rog :)

The slats on the Mustang dropped by themselves at low speed, and on the ground, when the engine vibrations made them drop. They were puttied, as was the cowling for the Jumo 004. 
As for the 262 wings, they were puttied, but as the supply of raw material dropped by the end of the war, they started using Plaster of Paris instead, but rain soon washed it off, so you can see the rivets from 3/4 foot. 

I hold all this information from a primary source: the sister-in-law of the great-son of a great-uncle whose cousin was the son of a mop-pusher in the NASM reserves between September 1955 and October 1955, before being interned. So don’t you dare challenge me if you don’t want to endure my wrath ....

Hubert, of unchallenged knowledge.

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