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"The right amount of weathering". I don't understand.

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Hey guys. I wanna get your idea on this thought of mine. (Everybody screams and runs off)

I have seen the phrase in the title at other modelling websites, and I don't understand it. I have managed to save 1000's of photos on the net. (I have a Pintrest membership.)

Across these photos are thousands of really filthy and scratched aircraft. There seems to me to be no limit. Especially machines in harsh climes with  mud or snow or baking sunshine.

Before I got my brain back I had put a 1/48 F4F on a site with muddied wheels. It looked really good. Then a member pointed out it was not possible. In my then state I had forgotten my model was based on a photo. I became so dejected I gave up on the model. A year later I again found the photo of a Royal Navy Martlet. Same markings same mud.

Now of course that wouldn't affect me. 

Anyway, I wanted to hear what you thought about this.

Disclaimer. This post has zero to do with any current topic at other sites.

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I'd say build it to the photo your trying to replicate.   Everyone (especially certain people) swears they know exactly what is right, yet they've been disproved many times.  The right amount of weathering is what makes you happy.  Panel lines are a great example.   I've flown quite a few aircraft over the years that you could easily see them from 40' away.   They do collect gunk and other crap, it just depends on the type of aircraft and how often they are cleaned.  I tend to build cleaner, because I'm not great at weathering.   As long as you are happy that's all that Matters.  And even better if you have a photo to show them and tell them to......you know what. 

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The "right amount of weathering' is one of the hardest things to achieve.

Right for you? Right for a fellow Modeller or casual on-looker? Right to replicate an actual photograph or scene? These are all scenarios that hinge on a particular perspective, that are invariably different depending on the individual, the angle of the lighting, the prevailing conditions etc.

I took this photo recently, as it caught my eye at the time. It's one of the rear wheels of my work vehicle. Tyres are black, yes? Well, this one was brown.


Try painting 1/35th scale vehicle tyres a mid-brown colour and almost everyone will tell you it's wrong.

Weather a particular subject to your tastes, and stop when you think it looks enough. Because no-one sees it exactly as you would.


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