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Bf 109G-14/AS, 2./JG 300, "Red 10" (1/32 Hasegawa)

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The replacement project for "Red 8" (KIA 17 May 2013) is (drumroll please)......




"Red 10", a G-14/AS from 2./JG 300 piloted by Uffz. Wolfgang "Lumpi" Hunsdörfer from Esperstedt in September of '44.  I'm hoping I can get this one up to speed fairly quickly since I'm using the cockpit and wings and assorted other parts from "Red 8".  Get the fuselage together and I should be good to go.


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And a few highlights from the rest of the assembly:




For the wheel wells I used part strut bay portion of the wheel inserts from Master Details, the rest was detailed with lead foil.




I used Archer Transfers Resin Weld Bead decal for the bead on the S/C intake, no idea what it will look like painted but kind of a cool product.




And the last shot before the painting begins.

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Sorry for the crappy pictures here.  On a roll and really didn't want to interrupt it!  Paint is done, all the Balkankreuz and the "10" were painted on using masks, the dog emblem and the W.Nr. on the tail are from a Cutting Edge sheet and all the stencils are from the kit decals.  Next up is a panel line wash.
Everything going smoothly up to this point (knock on wood) so should be able to meet the deadline!

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