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P-40 with Klimov engine WIP


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Need some opinions on this one from you guys, especially Martinn, who originally helped me out on this over at LSP before he defected. :D In the photo below, which is literally the ONLY photo I have ever seen of an actual Klimov engined P-40, do you think the exhaust pipes join into a single pipe, or do you think it is two pipes with three cylinders exhausting into each? There appears to be some sort of bump, or joint, or gap after the first three cylinders, but I can't tell for sure.

I ask because the Brengun 1/48 conversion (which I have), most of the other 1/48 kits available, and most of the artists' renderings of these planes show them as two separate 3-pipe exhaust banks, but I did find one drawing that showed them as one single pipe. I am always hesitant to rely on artists perceptions of things, and I don't think the Brengun set is very accurate, so I'm trying to pin this one down. Thanks,


P-40 M-105.jpg

You'll note that in this source, they appear to be joined into one pipe:


P-40 M-105 profile.jpg


Bit this source shows them as two:

P-40 M-105-1.jpg

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It is very hard to guess. If it was to be one-pipe and the only rationale to prove it would be lack of possible discolouration in the place of split/separation of the multiple pipes. But again, it's just a guess, also one piece pipe would be prone to crack due the vibrations

Here is one way how it was done on Pe-2.




And another single pipe design implemented on Yak-4 


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Some progress photos:


Decided the humps were too big, so....




Then new cowl flaps, as the kit part is awful:




I made molds of all the pieces, which turned out pretty well, but as I don't have a pressure chamber set up yet, it's been tough to mold the new parts without bubbles. Got a few good enough ones, so I should have one ready to go soon.



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I contacted Tim at Grey Matter to see if he was interested, but haven't heard back. I saved the masters with reproducing them in mind, but I decided I don't really want to go through the expense and hassle of getting set up and casting them myself. I just flat don't have time right now. Maybe in the future.

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