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Zlin/Let Z-37 Cmelak in 1/32 !


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So good to see something that is not laden with guns and bombs (although this one was lethal for bugs, and, indirectly, birds ... )

Looks like a nice kit and a nice complement to my resin 1/32 Wilga ...


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This will be a welcome addition for me. The PZL Wilga is, to me, one seriously cool airplane and one I've never been able to find in 1/32.

The Z-37 is a very, very close second and like Hubert said, absolutely lethal to bugs, critters, birds, and pests. What didn't fall victim to it's spray usually got smashed on that big, blunt nose.

I'm glad to see HPH finally getting in to the injection game. I've long been a huge fan, builder, and buyer of their kits, and I'm psyched that they're not only releasing the popular Western aircraft, but Eastern European work and utility aircraft as well.  

Maybe a PZL Wilga sometime down the road as well? 

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