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Ikea display case on sale


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I was on the Ikea website looking for some storage options for the boys' video game systems and saw that they've got a display case on sale that should fit some 1/32 stuff nicely.



The regular price of $299 still applies to the other colours but the white seems fine especially at $169. That's Loonies too so just around $120-ish US.

The Ikea near me has a pick up option so now to find the cash. 



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16.5” deep measured on the outside, probably 16.25” inside space.  Good size for WWII fighters and smaller jets.  Wish I had the room for it!  Price of glass alone is more than that at a local glass shop.  

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I just got one from my daughter for my birthday.  The interior shelves are 15" deep.



She even did most of the assembly.  Looks pretty dustproof, but two more shelves would be optimum for 1/32 scale singles as three seems about all you'll get on a shelf.  Though...fitting jet fighters will be even more limiting.



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