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Special Hobby 1/32 Yak-3: 4/17/2020 UPDATE: Fuselage Joined to Wings

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When I finished the ICM I-16 Type 24, I got the itch to add another Russian bird to my stable. I had the Special Hobby Yak-3 lying around, and thought I would give it a go.

This photo is from a few weeks ago, showing some basic assembly. These "shorter run" kits sure need a little more TLC than your regular mainstream kit. I hadn't built a Special Hobby kit before, so this has been a good test of my modelling mettle. No locating pins, and some tricky fit. Overall, however, I hear this is one of their better kits, and it shows:


49781169277_e3af029897_k.jpg91333975_142289907212755_8130728409677430784_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


I'll be building it out of the box as a Normandie Niemen bird, specifically White 4, as I enjoyed the subtlety of how the lower bar of the 4 blends in with the fuselage arrow/lightning bolt:


49780821011_5ff1381099_k.jpg94123561_2526312217617408_9053937093151031296_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


This particular boxing has some nice resin bits included, such as exhaust and wheels:


49781153937_251dc267ec_k.jpg93289194_2528418514141333_1345492505126240256_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


It does have some tricky spots, however. Here's the starboard horizontal tail surface, showing the join with the fuselage...


49781153972_b8c208e31f_k.jpg93244309_709871689818304_7985295834872807424_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


And here is the port. It has a nasty step between the fairing the the horizontal, which I have added some styrene strip to in order to blend it in later. The step was approximately 1mm in height difference, so pretty substantial:


49780821316_2a13d68252_k.jpg92721076_234721047612389_6567481483550785536_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


Here's where the cockpit is at as of this morning:


49780285258_e2a544b67d_k.jpg93199301_1100238910343032_151979466468360192_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


49780821126_6f82d0a292_k.jpg93412116_705007240302237_1683063482754269184_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


I also added the instrument panel, and am working on the rear of the dials, which are visible through the windscreen:


49780821066_7968ed4b86_k.jpg93844133_630966841079505_3084194647795302400_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


Hoping to have the fuselage added the wings later today. From there, it's just lots and lots of filling and sanding. Fortunately, it was a mostly wooden construction, which is fairly forgiving when it comes to blending everything together. Time will tell!


As always, comments and critiques are most welcome. Hope everyone is staying safe.


- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA

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Your Yak is looking great, the extra work in the pit will make it stand out. I built a 1/48 version some years ago and got bored of the design after I finished. But your build is an nice appetizer for new a large scale attempt.

Cheers Rob

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Small update today.

The cockpit was completed to the point where I could join the fuselage to the wing structure, thus preventing any opportunity to damage the cockpit structure as it sits atop the wing!

49784371711_9b16ff7786_k.jpg49784676357_e05950b576_o by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr

The wing to fuselage joint was outstanding. I did some preparatory sanding and shaping before I even started the cockpit structure a while back, and it paid off:

49783814553_ef20e6e9e2_k.jpg93845679_1619875454803127_3821891152450158592_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr

Additionally, the extra details added to the back of the instrument panel are suitable and visible, and will look good underneath the gun sight mount and small panel coaming:

49784351216_6cfb10cd85_k.jpg94030929_1408037246071416_6114131665229971456_n by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr

I'll give this a day or two to dry, and then start on the seam work for the fuselage and wings. There's a few small steps, but nothing major that I shouldn't be able to tackle in a day or so. The tricky part is going to be the large steps between the stabilizers and the fuselage tail fairings, as they are a little gnarly. So far, it's the biggest let down of an otherwise outstanding kit.

Thanks for checking in!

- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA 

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1 hour ago, Martinnfb said:

Nice work Dennis, I just noticed the instruments and wiring harness at the backside of the instrument panel. This section was usually covered by an antiglare cover. :(

The kit provides a small cover and frame, but some of it will be visible. Think similar to the P-47. Besides, I know its in there ;-)

- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA

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