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Anyone here build the Hasegawa A-4 Skyhawk? Nose weight?


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I’m about to close up the fuselage of my Blue Angels Skyhawk, but before I do I have to add nose weight.  According to the instructions is says “Add 5.5 .oz of lead to the nose”. 

I went and bought a small pocket scale and started adding lead until it hit 5.5 .oz.  There is no way in hell this thing needs 5.5 .oz of lead.  That is a huge pile of lead.  I honestly don’t think it would all fit up front anyway.  I even taped everything together and set it up on the landing gear.  I’m thinking 5.5 grams, or maybe .5 .oz?   I set it up on the bench and put a tiny piece of lead on the tip of the nose and it brought it back down in place. 

At this point I’d just like to know what the real number is supposed to be.  

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I just finished painting mine, it's waiting for its Australian navy decals to turn up in the post. I used 2 medium bolts and a small one (sorry, not helpful but it made me smile, blame it on lockdown :) )

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