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1/32 Revell/Matchbox Spitfire Mk.22

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this kit was given to me by my good friend William and if you had seen his work you will understand the challenge. :)
I’ve been working on this one for some time now and as of now it is safe to say that everything must go. All surface detail, thickness of the trailing edge, dihedral , shape of the fuselage and list goes on and on. I used resin nose from GMF (probably ) and Master barrels. Made my own gun blisters from Tamiya resin putty and position light from UV curing resin. 
This build is inconsistent with your usual approach, therefore special. LOL ( my wife hates when I use the R word )  :)














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Thanks Carl, out of 20000 built there are around 240 known to exist. Of these there are 60 that are airworthy most of them on static display. Just a handful of mk. 24 survived.




Spitfire Mk. 24s at Cosford waiting for their final fate – be scrapped!

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It's a shame that there isn't a more modern kit available, but you work with what you have not what you would like.

This is the kit that got me back into modelling, I used to lust after one especially when there was one in the window of our local newsagent shop that I used to stop at every day coming home from work, but with a wife, two kids, and a mortgage I could not justify another hobby.

But when times got better I did start building kits again and this was one of the first that I built. So it will be interesting to watch the progress of your build.





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Thank you Dennis, it is quite a character builder :)

last night I connected the rudder with fuselage. It was an easy way how to thin it down. The original piece was way too thick. It looks much better now. 

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