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1:16 Sopwith Camel

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I finished this one about a month ago now, after working on it for about 10 months. Which for me was way beyond my concentration span, but I managed to just about hang on in until it was (mostly) finished. It's very very different to the other kits I've made; the wood was great to work with, the metal parts not so much.


If I'd known about the Hasegawa model, I'd have waited, and maybe combined the two kits. But as it was I needed to find another way to add things like the metal cowling that the kit omits, and replace the rather blobby metal parts for things like the rigging points. So I added 3d printed parts for the metal panels, and made a PE sheet for the rest.


I was way out of my depth with this one, but learnt loads and had fun making it.

















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Here's some of the work-in-progress pictures...


3dsMax design for the parts to be 3d printed (I made the wood frame first, then scanned it to make a template to work around):



Here's the parts as I received them. Covered in this supporting wax stuff that smells of honey ^_^ Later on I found that the resin this stuff is printed from warps horribly and is really brittle (as well as the rough finish). So I kind of hated working with it towards the end of the build. Maybe there's better alternatives out there though.





I made my own PE sheet. First time I tried this, loved doing it too.



And some of the scratch made cockpit parts. Some things in this kit (eg the engine) were ok, others (like the cockpit) were largely fictional so had to be all replaced.








So, back to the Wingnut Wings kits for me now, and I'm still out of my depth because I suck so much at using my airbrush :huh: The finishes on the models I've seen posted here is really amazing, so I'll keep practicing, but got a long way to go there.

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Thanks for that Rizzo. That is some absolutely stunning work. Yes, you should be very proud of that. I really like the effort you put into the photo-etch. Did you make the pilot's seat yourself? That is beautiful. Nice work is an under statement.



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I might have missed it but whose kit was this?  


Irrespective, there may have been some iffy parts but your replacements have raised it to a whole new level.  It's amazing, I love it.

If the Has kit comes anywhere near to this I'll be a very happy boy.

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