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RoboCop ED-209 coming out.


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I think most of us here remember that cinematic masterpiece from the '80s RoboCop. Anyways, Good Smile Company is going to do a model of the ED-209 from the film. 

There's been a couple kits previously released of the ED-209 including a large one done in soft vinyl which was a nightmare to try and get to retain its shape. This will be the first one in IM. 


With this and the Firefox Mig-31 that came out relatively recently it seems we're finally getting some kits of '80s movie subjects. Maybe a Last Starfighter Gunstar is next. 



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Very cool, I had both the ED-209 and Robocob vinyl kits. It was very strange to work with that material. Robocob was painted with buffable Humbrol paints, the last wow at the time and I used some Verlinden copied oil techniques to paint the face and it looked ok for the tme.
ED-209 was only built up with no paint, as I couldn't decide, if and how to detail it. Both kits got lost a long time ago, while changing flats.

Cheers Rob

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1 hour ago, Vandy1 VX-4 said:

Last starfighter gunstar, there is a resin kit of that available!  I know you mentioned injection molded  plastic kit. But thought I should mention it. 

Yup, the Black Sun kit in 1/72   I've got it in the stash. 


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