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Hasegawa A-4F IAF 1973 Air-to-air killer


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Since I have been posting a lot of non-LSM builds lately, I thought I would throw this up. Not a recent, but a long term project, I started working on this over a year ago, And it’s been sitting in black primer for at least 10 months. Recently, I decided to order some MRP and Mr Color paints and get going on this. I ordered all the IDF colors from each and picked what I wanted. I went with Mr Color for the duck egg blue and sand, then chose tan and green from MRP, I felt these colors represented the early Skyhawk colors best. Here is what i have for now, more to come (someday).
















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Masked and sprayed intakes today, next is clear and decals. I also still have to work out how to mount it on its base, since I neglected to build any support structure inside the fuselage before I closed it up, I’m going to have to figure out how to do it through the back end, sort of like a proctologist.



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5 minutes ago, GazzaS said:

That intake masking is da-bomb!

Thanks, in all, it was about 2+ hours of masking inside and out. I cut the decals out for the chevrons with the curve, and transferred that to tape, then reverse masked it. A lot of effort, but worth it .

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