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I'm sure quite a few of you subscribe to this outstanding magazine so you may be familiar with a small article in the FlyPost section in the new (Jan. 2021) issue titled "Feeling frustrated by false footage" by Mr. Richard Lambert. He discusses the use in many films on RAF missions and aircraft of footage that have no relation at all to the subject matter (other than that they are aircraft). Case in point he mentions a scene showing silver USAAF B-18 Bolo's flying over the Hoover dam in a film about 617 Squadron and the dams raid. He lists other glaring foul ups in movies and documentaries. Various "experts" are listed in the credits of these films who really don't know shit from shinola about aviation history and types of aircraft. I agree with him wholeheartedly. If someone is going to produce a film on ANY subject they really need to be sure they hire people who are not illiterate in the subject matter. Nuf said. :rolleyes:

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6 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

John, glad I’m not the only one that hates this type of “no one” will know the difference crap........

Me too, Phil........... I'm always saying, "Ha that's a B17 NOT a Lancaster"... the best one is when they show footage of the Pearl Harbor attack and the "Japanese" dive bombers, they always look like a Dauntless to me....  you have all seen it, the clip where the 3 birds are tipping over..... bugs the hell out of me...

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