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  1. one side done with filling and sanding just need to claen up a few spots and mold saems when this side is compleet i will start the other side alraedy claend the intakes and exhaust and waiting for primer Mark
  2. more stuff done still going for the rivets and the pit almost there but not compleet happy,still working on it but you have the idee Mark
  3. Thanks and time will tell how good it will look Thanks buttis will take some time to get it done Thanks Peter and yes rosie the riveter i know that feeling Now going to the bench more putty and sanding to go but also to do a few things on the pit I hpe today to get the second ip in place Mark
  4. Thanks Danny still a verry long road to go but i will get there i have no daed line just hoping to get it done before 2020 Mark
  5. i must be crazy for doing this all the rivits on the kit are negative and the rael dael are pozitif so here we go putty and sanding time to fill all the rivets i will replace them all with pozitive ons wish me luck Mark
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    welcome to the forums
  7. Thanks Peter still a long way to go but i will get there Mark
  8. thanks did a bit off work on the pit second saet ready and one ip next up second ip and mid console also a few other details like the pedals and sticks Mark
  9. Im not yet there for making the flaps im almost done with the intirior but the flaps scare me a bit like you say its a nice kit to build but now its on hold for a time other things on my haed Mark
  10. I like what im seeing here looking forward to the rest Mark
  11. thank you all for the info i will dive in to the kit and decals i have to decide what aircraft it will be then i will do a saerch on the number Mark
  12. thanks for all the info Mark
  13. thanks will go for intirior green for the pit and zinc chromate for engine compartment Mark
  14. Hello to you all im thinking to build a P-47D bubble top Now tru my search on the net i found a lot off difrent colors for the pit but i found out that it will be dark dull green now for the engine compartment the fire wall will that be the same color? i have seen zinc chromat yellow,intirior green,..... the inside off the cowl seems metal to me thanks for the advice Mark
  15. thanks a fewsmall things done Mark
  16. 1 finnish a model 2 waiting for the new black hawks from kitty hawk Mark
  17. going to work a bit on the pit first up the seats left out the box right my idee also made a small start on the floor Mark
  18. this is the first kit i have from this brand and yes im impresd from whats in the box Mark
  19. thanks Peter iff you take time to make the right cuts and all the same size it save you a lot off work afterwards to get them in the first i have made whas to small so a bit off adjusting for the cutting and perfect fit know trying to do a few things on the pit on the cargobay im noy going to do much because you will see noting from that part Mark
  20. thanks it wil take time to get back 100% but the bit off bench time i have today feels good i still have problems to get my self focus on stuff but i have time small steps in the good direction Mark
  21. small update made some work on the windows im not going to make a lot off details to the cargobay and pit because off all the waethering off the windows you will not se much Mark
  22. thanks for all the extra info Mark
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