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  1. thanks Peter at this moment i have vacation on monday it will slow down back to normal life so back to work Mark
  2. time to make a bit off work on the hip changing the windows and making one extra on the right side before after cutting Mark
  3. Thanks and yes everithing is going well after ahard periode Mark
  4. very nice work on the Lanc still dondt know iff i going to buy one its a big one to put it away but im going to try to foolow your build Mark
  5. thanks for the links this is also on the do list iff the hip turns out good alraedy have the mig,marder and gepard in the stash Mark
  6. recievd today from the mailman Mark
  7. thanks for all the extra info Mark
  8. thank you all for the intrest some more things done on the fuchs and made a start on the luchs and here a idee of the setup with the hip Mark
  9. yes its long closed and indeed there is somthing with the fuchs but for me iff it will look close enough i will be happy for me its just having fun and learning new stuff Mark
  10. thank you all i made a start on the fuchs the plan is to build the txo armor when painting start on that i will start the hip Mark
  11. my only finishd model in 2018 Mark
  12. nice work on the dauntless looking forward to see more progress on that one Mark
  13. thanks Peter it will be a long road to go a lot off new techniks to learn but i have time
  14. great work like usual Peter Another great kit in progress Mark
  15. Hello to you all with the start off a new year im going to start a year project before its ready I have found somthing intresting will i whas in search for some info about another plane I liked the idee and saved the pic Many weeks later and more searching on the net i said yes go for it It will not compleet exact the same like in the pic but you will have the idee off the concept what i have to start it so let the fun begin for the hip im going to change the windows and remove some lumps iff it looks close enough i will be happy im not that rivet counter and yes there are many difrences between the two types of hips Mark
  16. ok i will follow this fore sure this kit is on the whant list for long Very nice work you are doing Mark
  17. ok more things done on one off the engines.more wire started the cleanup of one of the suports of the engine After but stil more cleanup to do Mark
  18. very nice work on the pit and rivetting I will follow have tree Fw190 in the stash and also planning to rivett the plane what didt you use for riveting Mark
  19. ok here a update on whats done so far i have made a small start ononeof the brassin engines also things done on the pit and nose gunbay Mark
  20. Hello i have a P-47D from hasegawa in the stash but when i look at the kit and the drawings i have,there are no rivets on the kit When i do a search for the trumpeter all the rivets are there The same go for the Fw190 that i have What do you guys think put the rivets on off leave theme off Thanks Mark
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