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  1. hello with the groupbuild coming closer I just wonder of this kit needs some aftermarket? Looking on the web I found a lot off things. Are ther things that have to be changed on this kit? Im talking about the Tamiya kit. Thanks Mark
  2. seatbelts don on the pilots seat. Mark
  3. a lot of work todo before this is good. Gets me thinking of i wil get this set Mark
  4. first i have painted the seats with matt aluminium from tamiya and didt a clear coat. Then i sprayd chipping flouid from ak and let it dry before i used intirior green from gunze. After the paint intirior green is dry i started the chipping with a brush and some thinner from gunze. I hope this helpsand soory for the bad english. Mark
  5. I love the ork you have done so far. Looking forward to see how you are going to deal with this problem. Keep up the great work. Mark
  6. looking forward to this one. Let the pics come Mark
  7. you have my attention. Im planning to buy this kit with the same aftermarket Mark
  8. thank you all. Not much progress but made a start on the seatbelts. Mark
  9. mmmm tempting to join and build my tamiya spit Mk XVI in Belgian colors. Mark
  10. Hello my opinion for this kit. Its a great kit the seats in the kit are not right and the wiring provided in the kit is to thick. Thats wy i used copper wire to change it all the rest off the engine is out off the box. So far everything fits nice. Only the instructions for placing the exhaust isnt that clear. Mark
  11. Thanks. This is my first prop buildt normaly i do jets. Mark
  12. part 2 of the engine. And a pic of the seats still have to do the belts. Mark
  13. part 2 off the work. cockpit. Start on 1 off the engines. more to come. Mark
  14. Hello this is the kit where im working on for the moment. The kit is from hk models. Things done so far. pit floor and turret gunners floor. some major parts done. tailgunner. Part of the pit. Turret gunners position. More to come. Mark
  15. A bit more work done. The pit almost ready to put the canopy on. Mark
  16. Hello here is my space where the my moddels begin there life. And my stash. Like u see the most is 1/35 and 1/32 Still underway for the stash are the skyraider and 2 black hawks. Mark
  17. Great work u show here. Keep going. Mark
  18. Yes its the same kit. Everyone thanks for the nice words. Mark
  19. Hello this is what im working on at the moment. Normaly i buidt jets but at the moment i will ga for a few helos (about 10 inthe stash) So when finnishd i hope it ill look like this one. The kit i will use is the italerie kit. Job done at the moment. This part is a combination of eduard en verlinden. Its the back seaters ip.. pit instald. The decals will be home made. Mark
  20. Its stands there where your name is. By me its just under the newbie. Mark
  21. I have the same but not visseble by others . Mark
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