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    Modelmaking, Blowing stuff up, the Ferrari Daytona Spyder (the most beautiful car ever made), the Mgb gtv8, keeping wwII warbirds flying not dead in a museum, waging a one man (!) War against political correctness, remembering EVERYday what others gave for our freedom. Oh, that's a trained film/tv/airshow pyrotechnics professional, not some nutter! Although I suppose someone who didn't know me could think otherwise!

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  1. What's a Seagull alert?!!!! Something that steals your ice cream when you're looking the wrong way? Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  2. Hello Dekenba, No, I've never made a Wingnut model ( I'm more into ww2 a/c), the Lanc would've been my first, although I am tempted by some of their ww1 range ( Camel, Bristol fighter) , I normally build 1/24 stuff ( still can't beat Airfix for that: most disappointing kit I ever bought? Trumpeter 1\24 Spitfire Mk V - not one thing correct on that terrible excuse for a Spitfire model, everything from fuselage shape to wing profile is total balls, and their "Merlin"? Jesus, there really are no words. No excuse for that! Their Hurricane is much better, but still has that Merlin... Bf109 series, quite nice as is the Fw190d ( still needs tweaking tho!). Let's see, I've got Airfix, Trumpeter 1/24, Kinetic 1/24, Tamiya 1/32, Special Hobby 1/32, Kittyhawk 1/32, Hobbycraft 1/32, Tamiya 1/48, Revell 1/32 & 48, Hasagawa 1/48 and a few 1/72 kits plus the odd sci fi studio model knocking about. I should've built everything by the time I'm one hundred and eleventy! I hope that answers your question? Blue Skies Captain Boogaloo
  3. Having seen the Wingnut Lanc test shots/ builds in the flesh and spent an hour plus bugging the Wingnut staff on their Telford stand, by all means keep repeating that, until you believe it. Unfortunately the Wingnut bird made HKs look like the work of enthusiastic amateurs, compared to that of uncompromising professionals. I'm sure it can be made into a very nice model and the many builds around are testament to that, but there's no way the Wingnut bird would've needed anything other than brass gun barrels ( and even that is debatable) - it was on course for being the best 1/32 wwII model released to date ( even compared to Tamiya 's awesome Mosquito) - What is it, eleven pages of tweak discussions & another £50 of aftermarket upgrades for a £350 model, but apparently that's all good....and before anyone asks, yes I did also look very hard at HK's Lancaster ( and their 1\48 B 17) ....but I'm afraid neither is in my stash, despite having both their 1/32 B 17 and B25. The loss of Wingnut is a damned shame, and HK models are really not in the same league. Sorry, but I really felt a reality check was needed on this thread. Just my tuppence worth. Blue Skies! Stay safe! Captain Boogaloo
  4. Draw Decals are listing the Collings Foundation B24 in the current 'Witchcraft ' livery, and unlike the Dragon and his Tail from Kits world have actually bothered to include ALL the sponsors names and details on the airframe, $40 in 1\32 plus carriage: wish they'd do the Dragon, too! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  5. Ok, I'll play : I'd love a Fairey Firefly Mk V ( that's the Griffon engined one), or a Bristol Brabazon, for sheer " for God's sake! " impact. Always thought the Boeing Clipper a beautiful thing, too. Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  6. Hello Ron, Thanks again for the heads up on these exhausts; just pulled the trigger on a set! So glad Rexx did a 1\24 set. Any chance you could persuade them to do some more (Spitfire, bf 109, fw 190, Hurricane, Mustang, Ju 87 Stuka would be ace!)? Looking forward to your next update Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  7. Of WW2? Most definitely the tiger! But, having stood in front of both, if you find the tiger scary, the king tiger is totally brown-trousers-bicycle -clips time. All the statistical analysis in the world would be of little help if a working one these hove into view! a good read is Catch that Tiger, the true story of how the UK acquired the famous example in the tank museum at Bovington. Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  8. Not everyday a Corporal sets a Captain straight! But fair point, well made. I have updated my Profile, large-scale- modellers-for-the-use-of. Carry on! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  9. Erm, if the buyer agrees the international postage costs with the seller ( and covers them, obviously) isn't this a moot point? (…....don't point that moot at me, it could go off!!) Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  10. Hello everyone, might anyone have any of the Fisher 1\32 upgrade parts for the Hobbycraft Hawker Sea Fury? I'm in the UK, but happy to pay for international postage. Hope someone can help. Many thanks Captain Boogaloo
  11. Oh, no. Well, now I feel awful, guess that 'll teach me to make smart a** comments. Thanks to Johann for posting and I apologise unreservedly to Jeff and Kim at Combat at what is obviously a difficult time. Is there no Web wizard out there that might help them to change their website to alert other customers of the situation? Although I think that's probably the last thing on their minds right now. A real shame, they have some totally unique models in the range, even allowing for the increase and variety of models on the scene today. But maybe if the website is still up, they are continuing ? I certainly hope so. Captain Boogaloo
  12. Hello all, Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news folks, but it does really actually appear that Combat Models has indeed shut its doors for good: two emails and no response. Unless some of our friends in the USA know differently...? I suppose they may be ill....or just rude! what a shame. Hopefully someone will buy the molds? Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  13. Gentlemen, my thanks for all your help, replies and good wishes, greatly appreciated, all. John is a very nice chap, I had the pleasure of meeting him at ipms telford a few years ago and whilst I am tempted by some of his range, I'm really after some of the 1\24 models that Combat list on their website, namely their Me 262s, P 51b Mustang and their Phantom F4. I like 1\32nd scale.....but I LOVE 1\24!!! My thanks once again, I'll try another e-mail, keep my fingers crossed and let you know what happens! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  14. Thanks very much for your reply, Ryan. I suppose I'll try again with another e-mail. Hope they are still going! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  15. Hello Rick, Have you sorted out the motors for your project? If not it might be worth looking at Magic Scale Models website - they do light\sound for scale models, and will be doing a set for the hk B 17, but also do the motors separately. Alternatively I got a few Chinese copies of the Airfix prop motors off eBay (the genuine ones are going for crazy money!!) Hope that helps. Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
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