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  1. Ah, man. I really needed 21 for my project.
  2. Well, I need about 40 pieces of German armor to have every vehicle listed in the Encyclopedia of German Armor of WWII, but several of them haven't been kitted yet. And there are several LSPs that have been recently announced I have my eyes on, including two that are causing a lot of tension on 'another' board.
  3. I miss whitewalls. I had them on my '69 VW bus.
  4. Man-baby? Who does he think he is, Rian Johnson attacking Star Wars fans?
  5. NPCs are scared of fast cars because they aren't programmed to drive.
  6. Yeah, that wasn't one of my favorite films. I'd prefer to skip the sequel but a lot of my friends and neighbors seem to be excited for it. My biggest fear is they will beat the franchise to death with more sequels and then reboot the whole thing.
  7. At least it was only a Texan and not an actual FW 190.
  8. It's funny to me that everyone associates the Fall colors with New England, but I used to see the leaves change every year living in northern Florida. Our PR must not be that good.
  9. I bought the sample pack of black, gray, and white to try after hearing others talk it up and was pleased with the results. Mostly used black as I have been doing consecutive armor builds for another web site but I have sprayed a Hasegawa Oscar to see how my aluminums will look over it.
  10. Just curious: Why did you go with gray under the zimmerit rather than the primered steel that would normally be underneath?
  11. When I was much younger, all I did was brush; I couldn't get the hang of airbrushing but then there was no internet to look up video tutorials. Once I returned to modeling less than a decade ago, I became determined to learn to use one and now that is mostly how I paint everything. About the only thing I use brushes for now are instrument panels, some small details, and weathering. Everything here is AB except the IP All AB except the tool handles and sighting poles. The silver on the gun carriage is colored pencil.
  12. I started using Badger's Stynylrez, which comes in several colors. So far I have been pretty happy with it. It is an acrylic, and doesn't smell. I switched to it when it became difficult for me to get Mr Surfacer without having to order it online.
  13. Followed the link from the 'other' place to watch this unfold without all the snark. I for one am happy with what HKM has done.
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