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  1. Thank you Peter!  Always glad to see you!


    Hi everyone, another update.

    Today I got to do a lot of work with my silhouette Portrait making and remaking masks either when I ruined them, or when I discovered that I had made them the wrong size.  The masks I made are only for the markings.  I still mask and paint the camoflage scheme the old fashioned way:  With lots of swearing.  On to the photos:

    This was the first marking I did.  The rare IV Gruppe cross symbol.  Unfortunately a little aft, I, I suffered some paint lifting.



    On the starboard side, all of my efforts resulted in bad lifting!



    I repaired this side three times.  After a while I figured it out:  The areas where paint lifted didn't get sanded.  The Lightning shaped mask seems to have migrated.  As with all of them, there are spares to cover for mistakes. 



    Happily, the spinner is done!



    The 'yellow 12' has black edges complicating the scheme and masking.  Note the simplified crosses for the upper wings.



    I had to remake the underwing cross masks.  My first set were 4mm too long.   I lost a little more paint aft.   grrrrrrr.....



    Unfortunately my bench time is limited for the next couple of days.  I'll get to see if the masks stay place that long.


    Thanks for looking!





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  2. 15 hours ago, mark31 said:

    i must be crazy for doing this

    all the rivits on the kit are negative and the rael dael are pozitif so

    here we go putty and sanding time to fill all the rivets

    i will replace them all with pozitive ons

    wish me luck





    If it's any consolation, my friend, I believe that all Trumpy rivets are too big and too deep...  So you're making two corrections in one.



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  3. 8 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

    Resolutions are brilliant it’s just life gets in the way. Since going back to work on 2nd Jan, I think I have had 20 minutes at the bench so far this year...........and that’s including weekends......

    That's not good, Mate.  At your current rate your max bench time for 2019 will be around 17.6 hours.



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  4. I fear we've hijacked Ryan's thread...   I hope he likes Star Trek.


    And although Patrick Stewart is a great actor I refuse to become embroiled in a Start Trek debate which may cast me deeper into the depths of nerd-dome.



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  5. 12 minutes ago, Clunkmeister said:

    If there was a facepalm emoji....

    but yes, I mean models. :)

    Oh wait, I’ll use this one. 


    I love Start Trek...  Even though they worked hard with subsequent versions (Voyager, Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation, and even with Scott Bakula) to make it suck.

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  6. Hi Everyone,

        Through trials and tribulations, I have her ready for some paint.  The propeller is dry-fitted, and will probably not need any glue to hold it on for eternity.  I had to fabricate the muzzle aperture from sprue because I lost the original one, and it fits very snugly.  But...I can still pull it off to paint.  I'm gonna give it a day for the paint to harden, menawhile I'll be working on the Silhouette Portrait to make the markings for which I have no decals.

    ...the pics were taken outside so are a little bright.







    Thanks for looking!




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  7. 7 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

    What a tragedy that was.

    Today still, the thought of the bureaucratic bungling makes me sick to my stomach.  I expect there were sailors that could have lived if the Soviets had allowed the world to help.





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  8. Hi Everyone,

        A little more work trying to get to the painting stage.  Not far away now.


    The pilot now has a respectable reflector sight.



    The tailwheel needed a leather boot to protect the oleo,  I made one from milliput.



    The aileron balances are curiously shaped.  But they do get the kit onto my jig, finally.


    Once I integrate the clear pieces with sandpaper, I can prime her.


    Thanks for looking!



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