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Not letting the blues in


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Actually, almost coincidentally, I remember recently  viewing this book while

browsing books on my kindle account. In fact, it's still in my browsing history!. I also now

remember mentioning to my mother at the time. Talk about a small world! Thanks anyway. I'm glad you brought it up or else I would have forgotten. 


Thanks again;

Paul the Belugawhaleman.

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On 1/9/2021 at 12:36 PM, biggtim said:

I vote both whiskey AND bench time. Though in my case, maybe not at the same time, since I would probably cut myself or something. Since I'm stuck at home for 2 weeks now that I have the "bug", I may actually have to break out out a model or two for the first time since May.

Speaking of whiskey, my favorite budget bourbon right now is Elijah Craig, with Buffalo Trace my second choice. Yes, I'm a Kentucky Bourbon guy.


Bev brought this home today! Did t even ask her. She is a keeper !......harv


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