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MDC Typhoon


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Ok ... posted this on LSP and didn't get any sort of real answer


... After about 2-3 years of drooling at the lovely in-box reviews and build threads of this little gem, I've finally got one inbound ...


Out with the old (Revell) and in with the new (MDC) ...


So ... for those who have seem this kit 1st hand ...


Would it be worth grabbing some brass/alu barrels for the thing? AND ... If so ... what size/type would I be after??


Rog smile.png

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May I suggest that you wait until the kit is in your hands and then assess?


given this is not a mainstream kit, it is a little difficult for others to chime in - if it was a Hassy 109 I could advise even without having that particular kit etc

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I have one and the barrels are very good.


Usually one replaces barrels due to the seam line (two part IM mould makes this inevitable) that can be hard to clean without making barrel oval.


MDC barrels are cast in single piece rubber mould so, no seam line... I also suspect no one does metal replacements...a Google search came up with nothing?



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I have this kit.

No need for an AM. It's lovely.

Just make sure there is no shrinkage. MDC's quality control can be hit and miss.

Their service is great. So if there is, you can be sure the part will be replaced.




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Ahhh ... thanks guys!!


So in short, no obvious AM turned metal barrels around, but probably won't need them anyway!


I was unsure ... to be honest, I haven't dealt with resin before ... I honestly didn't know what to expect (although I know from build threads and in-box reviews - it's an excellent kit!) ... Brass or Alu tend to look sharper and more detailed than anything else ... The problem with waiting until the kit arrives, is that I'll be no better off with it - I'll be ordering online so I can't do side-by-side comparisions - hence the question.


@ Matt ... yes Google wouldn't be the greatest help - since most barrels are designed with a specific Target in mind (i.e. Sptifire Mk.IX etc). But as Doogs says above, apparently the C/E wing Spits carry something that looks entirely different anyway ... Bugger!


Thanks again guys

Rog :)

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Hi Rog, did a quick search for Typhoon barrels from Master of Poland (1st choice) and Aber of Poland (2nd choice) but "no joy". Not too surprising for either a very old discontinued kit or the low-volume resin evolution of same!


Happy building and don't forget to document it on this forum! ;) Looking forward to it!




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