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Macchi C-202 Belonging to Orlando Mandolini - From Pacific Coast Model in 1:32 scale.

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As much as I can, I always try to link my models to a specific event or human being.

In early nineties, during a business trip, I visited a customer in Vicenza (Italy) and when I met the owner, I saw on the wall behind him a number of photos and post referring to 4 Stormo (wing) which existed during WW2 and still exist now.

I was meeting Mr. Orlando Mandolini, a seven victories ace during WW2.

By that time, I made for him a model of the Fiat Cr-32 fighter he flew in the early months of WW2, see first picture.

More then thirty years later, when I decided to build a Macchi C-202 I decided to try to replicate in North Africa.

Here are some pictures:








DSCN2701 res.jpg

DSCN2702 res.jpg

DSCN2704 res.jpg

DSCN2708 res.jpg

DSCN2710 res.jpg

DSCN2711 res.jpg

DSCN2716 res.jpg

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