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Received a package from Kyiv.

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And what a package it was!

In certain niche areas of our hobby, there are names that are spoken with almost mythical reverence. Aviattic’s Richard Andrews is one, and another one is a gentleman named Alexey Belov   WW1 and golden age aircraft lovers like myself look at him as an almost mythical figure, the force behind what we know as Proper Plane. Alexey IS Proper Plane, a small aftermarket supplier of some of the most unique, niche, and singular products on the market today:  laminated, hand carved and finished wooden propellers for early aircraft. 

 These propellers are absolutely some of the most amazing works of art I’ve ever seen.  Ever. 
There have been plenty of reviews here on LSM and other places on Proper Plane, and until now, with the possible exception of the IBG PZL P.11c, I have not only never been so ready for a product I’ve heard all about, the quality of the product actually took my breath away when I first saw it  

Pictures will follow over the weekend, but if you’ve never seen these props and manifolds, be prepared to have your mind blown. No pictures do these things justice. None.

Whatever these guys are doing in Kyiv, if most definitely involves a time machine and a shrinking machine.  This work is breathtaking to see. 

I give you a few pictures to look at, and I’ll show you some resin wheels a d woodgrain this weekend. 










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To add to this are my personal views.  Seeing work like this gives me great hope for our hobby.  No longer is China the big monster supplier as they are in other areas.

Japan, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia are now giving us some of the best models and AM we’ve ever had.   It’s a good time to be a builder of a Large Scale Model.

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Proper Planes props are just amazing. And I like the combo with Rexx  exhausts, which are so difficult to find when they are one of the greatest improvement AM to bring to a kit.

This said - but then it is true with a lot of AM - making your own wooden prop is not as daunting as it seems. Getting a Proper Plane one just saves time and ensures an easy - and perfect - result.


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While I admit to liking them as objet d' art, as a modeller I find myself avoiding them. 

When I built my first WNW kit, I used the kit decals, and the thing came out looking like the same kit built by everyone else.  I just felt kinda unimpressed with what I had done. It was more like I had avoided screwing it up, more than accomplishing anything.

Even though I am trying to recreate a historical thing...  the less of me that shows, kinda kills it for me.

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My feelings on AM are mixed. Is it model assembling or model making?  AM can add greatly to the level of realism achieved, if used correctly. Too much, “AM because it’s AM”, often creates hurts rather than helps.

Proper Plane’s products are truly amazing. I have no doubt that I could make a passable propeller if I learned the skills, but with my lack of time and my absolute unwillingness to go through the learning curve right now, I’ll either use the kit prop or buy AM.

Wingnut props are actually decent. Roden, Special Hobby, and Hobbycraft props? Not so much. The ones I’ve done turned out decent enough.  But my ability to paint decent laminations is variable, depending on the brand of fine Scottish whiskey I have in the tumbler. 

But above all that, I’m one of those guys who loves what’s coming out of central and Eastern Europe these days, and I’ll support companies like this to my last dying breath. Same with the Germans and the Japanese. They’ll get my money. I just refuse to choose to feed the big red dragon if I don’t have to. 

Keep it coming, folks.  These parts are truly amazing.

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Those do look amazing.  I'm still a while before I try to tackle a WNW kit or similar WWI era kit, but I thought about making my own props given I have plenty of woodworking equipment from my wooden model side.  That being said, I agree with you that these look like a good time saver and clear perfection!  Also agree about supporting suppliers from countries that support and follow property rights.

Ernie, are they also putting together exhausts similar to the Rexx and Moskit products?  I saw what looks like an exhaust in your first picture.  If so, looks great!

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