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I wasn’t going to post this but Harvey told me too . This was a ten year project.  It was a kit that got me back into building after five year hiatus . So I decided just to finish it. Some of the DECALS silvered.  But it’s done! 
It has a scratch built extra fuel tank behind the pilot, Plus P-51 Mustang drop tanks. The story behind this was as I was taking care of my grandmother while she was sick. When she passed away I stopped working on it. So I started back on it at the 10 year anniversary of her death.  Also wanted it done before her birthday Which is in a week









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5 hours ago, Kaireckstadt said:

Great looking Spitfire! Love the nose art!

The modulation in the camo-colors is spot on!

Maybe you should move your post from the WNW-section to the aircraft finished section to where it belongs.

I posted this from my phone. I had no idea it was in the wingnut wings?  Thank you for pointing that out. Maybe one of the mods could do it for me  Please!  
not sure how to do it.

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