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Tamiya F-4B Phantom

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    It's a bummer you have to go through this on the eve of completion.  Hopefully you'll be able to resolve the issue satisfactorily.

    Thank goodness for great customer service.

Because of clear-parts-issues, I've been modelling with open canopies whenever possible.  My issue is always some tiny piece of dross that always materializes clinging to the inside of the canopy once the model is closed up.  I don't put anything on the glass as I expect some tiny spot will always require some polishing effort after unmasking.

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Thank you for the information and suggestions. In all the years I've been modeling and have done a number of closed canopies, this is the first time I've ever run into this problem. I'm positive it was a combination of thinning out the Mr Color Clear Gloss way to much and I did find a small slit/opening where the canopy pushes up against the front screening frame. Just a combination of bad modeling and bad technique. Your 100% correct in going with the canopy in the open position or adding it after at the very end of construction, which would have eliminated the problem. I do worry about sanding dust and specs finding their way onto the inside of the canopy after its all closed up as well. 

So the safest course :

1. Open canopy

2. Next, adding the closed canopy with PVA glue as the last step in the build.

Going with the closed option as the fix and if it doesn't work, I can install the open canopy with some fancy footwork.

Keep 'em comin




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Peter I reckon that’s a good course of action, you’re right about dust as well my builds are like a massive magnet to dust…….the open canopy would also show your immaculate pit if you decide to go that way…..here’s hoping the canopy arrives soon…..

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