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Tiger I Mid-Production 1/35 - Battle Of Malinovka

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3 hours ago, Kaireckstadt said:

Can you tell us some more about the kit and what you plan regarding the camouflage of the model you plan to build? 

Is there only the version included in the kit which is shown on the top-box art? 


Hi Kaireckstadt!

The kit it have two versions, Battle of Malinovka and Battle of Narva.  About the kit:  

It presents the Otto Carius tank used in this battle with integrated Zimmerit. The surfaces present the coating with the characteristic pattern in these tanks. The kit has the necessary parts to make precisely the tank '217' and for this, two types of mantelete are included, the original of this version and the one that presented the production tank; dome and continuous 'early' type vinyl chains; additional wheels to represent "replaced" in the field. The tools are included molded with or without supports, the barrel can be moved backwards simulating the trigger recoil

Two types of muzzle brake are included for the barrel, the driver's viewfinder is movable, The MG comes perfectly detailed. It contains new domes (includes two types, with and without draining) to every detail characteristic of this version, as well as its welded ring on its structure; the arm of the commander's hatch, the inner ring of the dome and the transparent periscopes are molded independently.

The escape hatch is operable and reflects its internal detail. The hatch of the loader, which can be armed open or closed and contains all its internal mechanism detail as well as the hatches of the radio operator and the driver. Two types of hubs for the wheels and two types of idler wheels are included. The jack is manufactured in several pieces and can be placed extended / retracted, the tips of the drag cables are molded in one piece and include two types of cables, the tool box for the back of the turret can be assembled open /closed.

The driver's vision port can be opened / closed. The kit contains internal components such as fuel tank, radiators and fans which are independently molded. The suspension has fully operable torsion bars. It has a sheet of decals for two sets of tank 217 in Malinovka and Narva. It consists of 600 parts. Limited edition.


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Thanks for your kind comments friends!.   My version will be Malinovka.

To assemble the torsion bars you have to be more careful with the alignment of the suspensions because the bars are weak and although they fix properly, they do not have enough force to prevent them from moving, before gluing the wheels you must make sure of this. These are great for those who want to mount the wheels on a diorama and fix it on irregular terrain.



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Thanks GazzaS, Yes, I did the same in other works with the zimmerit but I prefer that they are already integrated as in this kit.

Assembly of the wheels including 1 damaged "by combat" and another without mounting of the first one in the row. The tracks I had to stretch them a bit because they were somewhat short, it is an advantage of the DS.




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Nice work!  I built a Dragon Tiger with the DS tracks and was never satisfied with them.  I have this set of Friuls...   It's been on another tiger, and now rents space on a Sturmmorser.

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Thanks for your comments friends!.   I didn't like the first DS tracks from me, they were too weak and sometimes they broken with Humbrol washes but now they are different, at least in the last kts I have built

The main board is a bit uneven so the front of the right side has to be lightly sanded to be able to adjust it to the chassis.




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Hello friend!.

Yes, it is rare, it is probably a defect of the aging production plate.    The plate and the chassis are already adjusted. I have finished the rear and the front without problems, I think I will seal the hatches of the grilles because up there will be an hook and it will avoid them from opening. 




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