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Hobbyboss Spitfire Vb Trop 1/32nd plenty of after market

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SP&R Review: http://scaleplasticandrail.com/kaboom/index.php/all-things-aviation/132-135-scale/132-kit-reviews/1139-132-spitfire-mkvb-trop-from-hobbyboss


While ive stalled with my Silverwings Gladiator ive started this to help me get my mojo back! Im Chucking plenty of aftermarket at it, while its not a bad kit, next to a Tamiya Spit its flaws are highlighted so ill fix what i can. The Canopy is the main issue, most Trops had the internal armoured windscreen but Hobbyboss only supply the battle of Britain style external armoured screen (as mentioned in SP&R's review) and im not convinced thats quite right either. Ill be raiding the spares box for a few left over bits from the Tamiya spit too, and sacrificing my Hasegawa Spit Vb for its windscreen and spinner and a few other little bits.




First up the Bulkhead the seat bolts too has a moulded on bit for the head Armour to attach to which would stop you threading the seatbelts through so thats gotta go! compare to the PCM part Also the armoured plate behind the seat is an etched part but they only give you the top half!? so i made a new one from plasticard, and used a spare etched armour plate from the Tamiya kit to replace the thick kit part. 








I think most people are aware that Hobbyboss have repeated Trumpeters mistake with their 1/24th Spit by moulding fabric detail on the tailplane, im in the process of fixing it with an RB scriber and thought id copy the Tamiya spit and add some rivet detail to the top of the engine cowling as well while im at it.




Also put the main colour on the Barracuda padded resin seat, cracking bit of casting, highly recommended.




Just working on the interior now, ill update soon.




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Pretty much finished the Interior, in my excitement I started putting it together then realised I hadn't got any pics! Excuse the quality my WIFI is down so these are from my phone.


Seatbelts are lead foil and MDC buckles






Scratch built headrest from evergreen tubing and lead foil






The Barracuda bits are superb and a big improvement over the kit parts, I like my cockpits filthy as you can see.


Aiming to get the fuselage together this weekend.

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Finally some progress with the Spitty!


I've been working daft hours with my job but have managed to get some serious bench time in thanks to my Mrs!


Not a lot to say about the construction of this kit, great fit, fairly simple if a bit clunky; but it's gone together well it's just been a lack of time to model that stalled it slightly


The windscreen is the main thing to tell you about, this kit is a little wide in the hips so using the Hasegawa kits windscreen has meant adding some plasti card.




I used scale plans and my completed Tamiya IX to help me, even so there would still be a gap unless I made the fillets oversized so I used Krystal Klear white glue to fill the gap and wiped it smooth with a wet finger.




Seems to of worked, although the fillets are lying flatter than they really should be to help close the gap but it's the best compromise I could manage.




I also fitted the brass master cannon barrels which are just superb ,even having the hexagonal end used to screw the barrel in place.




So as you can see she's now primed and just need a micro mesh before I apply the sky blue undersides, for which I'm using RLM 76.




Hopefully update you tomorrow.

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Applied the RAF Sky blue, I used White ensign RLM76 for this as it's apparently a close match. Sky blue was generally used on Vickers built Spitfires and most of the ones sent to Australia had sky blue undersides rather than azure.


My particular spitfire seems to of had the under carriage and wheels sprayed in this colour too.



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One question I'd like all your opinions on...


This aircraft I'm building ( GN-H of 249 sqn) is always illustrated with a black spinner, admittedly it looks as dark as the prop blades in photos but consider...


1: it left the factory with a sky blue spinner and camouflaged in Dk green/ Dk earth.


2: it had the green over painted in mid stone before delivery to Malta so surely they would of repainted the spinner red for that theatre at the same time? Red often appears very dark in photos where a filter has been used. The fin flash confirms this as the red on it appears very dark.


3: once on Malta it appears to of had the mid stone overpainted with a local blue and the spinner now appears dark.


So my question to you is


Red spinner?

Malta blue spinner

or black? !!


I would appreciate your input chaps!

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