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Cheetah C conversion

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Hi everyone today , not 

in my introduction , I told you that I am a fan of the mirage , So , let me show you , not exactly a Mirage , but a sort of ... a hybrid , , midway of a Kfir , and a Mirage 

this conversion , is based upon the Italieri kit , , with a new resin nose cone , and miscellaneous  other specific parts ... the fuselage was stretched to 19 mm behind the cockpit ... thank you for viewing 
















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29 minutes ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Really nice build. Is that the Scaleworx conversion set or did you scratch build it?



thanks for the comments !!!!!!

Scaleworx didn't make a conversion for this version , He made a conversion for the Cheetah  E version , and the Cheetah D ...A friend of mine provided me the main parts , namely the nose cone ( part I had to reworked on because done for the old Revell kit ) , and the  long fairing underneath  . 

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Hi Alain, that's a beautiful build, especially as you didn't use a conversion.

I used the Scaleworx Cheetah conversion and I can heartily recommend the quality of John's products. If you're interested I painted mine like the South African display aircraft which can be seen here


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Hi Gus

thank you for your comment !! I know your Cheetah , that's a great build , I am usually not keen of this kind of paint scheme , but i have the Scaleworx Cheetah D , and you give me the idea for painting mine as you did here , it's very eyes catching scheme 

you were talking about John 's conversion , , you said that it needs perseverance etc ..  , but it's worth it , I agree , I am currently on his Mirage III D conversion , a " hard way " , but I really enjoy this build 



my rendition Mirage III D 



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