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Canada decides to buy F-35s (again)


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The feds have announced after much back and forth that Canada will be getting 88 F-35s with an initial order for 4 to arrive in 2026. 

With all the cool special paint schemes the RCAF has been known to do our CF-188s in, it'll be cool to see the F-35 in something other than grey. 

Good thing Tamiya just released their 1/48 kit. I should have bought a case when they were on sale last month. :lol:



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What a surprise 😂 !

I would believe that, among the things not allowed to be touched in the sale contract, the paint, being a key part of the stealthiness of the airframe, can be no other than the specified grey. 
(Only the Israelis seem to have been able to play with the software suite, apparently)


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8 hours ago, smitty44 said:

F-22 line was shut down as far as I know.

I think they were referring to purchasing second hand ones off the USA ... the argument being that the F22 is still a far superior performer than anything anyone else can put in the air and will be for years to come. We could get more bang for our buck, in theory.

Rog :)

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