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New build! Beaver on floats.

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Here’s a quick throw together I thought I’d put in the wet build because it just fits the bill so well!  
I started this a week ago. I just wanted a simple bar decoration to go with my man cave theme.  Nothing special.  Always wanted one of these kits and I remembered there was one for sale on Hyperscale a while back. 
Difficult part was keeping with the “bartender build” and not getting carried away. 
Pile of parts as unpacked. 

some sun assemblies done.  Please take note that I screwed up and didn’t build the float struts inside the floats like I was supposed to do.


polishing the plastic instead of painting. 




And done, hanging in its place. 

It made for an instant gratification build. I highly recommend this approach for anyone.  

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Looks great hanging up there with the polished plastic.

Wish someone would produce a LSP Beaver as it's an iconic airframe. Remember building the old Airfix kit back in the 70s.

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It always has been one of my favorites, but then again I’m a sucker for a radial engine. 

I remember a story my Dad was telling us over dinner one night. He was a Loadmaster in the AF.  They had a NIB (literally) Beaver they delivered up to Alaska in a C-124.  All of the local Indians would show up and help un-crate them and in return they would get the crates to make additions to their houses or simply use it as a house.  
The locals were commenting on how big the crate was.  Dad pointed to the C-124 and told them “You should see the crate that one came in!”

Just a surprised look on their face because they didn’t know if they should take him serious or not. 

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The Beaver looks so good in flight in her new home. Right with Gus, wishing for a current kit. Another example of a very popular aircraft, flown all over the world, in both military and civilian use, still in heavy bush use today, that is completely overlooked by model companies.


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