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WNW D.VIIF - Wilhelm Hippert's "Mimmi"


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This weeks update!


Lower wings are on, engine installed and the cowling completed. Oh my, the cowling is fiddly and quite the little puzzle. You have to paint it before you assemble it, but then you have to deal with fit/glue issues as you assemble painted parts. End result is a few warts on the nose, but looks good nonetheless. I have also found that if you rig the undercarriage with monofilament, it will be strong and rock solid.


Here are some pictures ...












That's what I got today.


Thanks for looking



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Dave, fantastic build. Very well executed, and thanks for sharing the details about the craft printer! I wanted to ask, could you share more details about what you have hanging out of the cockpit? It looks like some type of O2 regulator to me, but I have no idea (and am far from an expert on this era of aircraft). Looks like some excellent additional detail and I would love to know more about it and how you achieved it. Thanks!

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Hi Moses,


There is a photo in the Windsock D.VII Anthology 3 of Wilhelm Hippert standing in front of the aircraft. Behind him is a oxygen canister attached to the outside of the cockpit and he has the oxygen hose in his mouth. I sourced the tank from the WNW German accessories sprue.



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