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RFI 1/48 Jagdpantherette diorama , Belgium Sept '44 Completed


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Bit of 1/4 scale madness courtesy of Tamiya 




Kurt is confused ...




Very quick build , top attached with a screw 


Night Shifts favourite primer 



Doingthe hull halves seperately 




Link n Lenght tracks is why ...I like there apart from the pin marks ..



Top basic paint and filter 


And the fun starts here .....








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2 hours ago, GazzaS said:

Very nice, Guy!  When does the swearing begin?

Eez going ok . Never built a 1/48 tank before ( apart from the lil Ba64 the other month for that dio) . 😃Last Jagdpanther I did was a 1/25 one .


So far so good, I like using 30% less paint and glue ...more shelf space .....and although the cast metal hull is a bit of a gimmick, I personally like the weight . Detail is very Tamiya as is the great fit . L&L tracks were superb for fitting , Tamiya have really nailed this aspect IMHO . Fixed in one place suspension is the downside.

Might do a little 1/48 dio......swearing will start with the figures no doubt.

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A bunch of micro Hans , Kurts und Gunthers ...

I'm not much of a figure person , and these are just taken to basic paint . They'll get another session of tidying up, slings, mud etc for fitting to the scenario when I decide what they are up to . 

For IM, figures the sculpting is not bad , and I like the relaxed poses  . These are Tamiya 32602 , tooled in 2021 . 

Still not sure where this is going . As much as it screams FRANCE , the kitty is probably a bit too late for that with no Zim on it ....no JPs at Arnhem ....these guys look too warm for the Bulge ...and I have a nervous tic about "late 1945" stuff as it is the realm of "what if's " and paper panzer nonsense so beloved of WOT people . Zuider Zee maybe as there was a JP unit in that general direction . 










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A blast from the past ....1/25 Academy Motorizzzzzed done as a present for a mate 10 odd years ago .


Very er ...clean for me  🤐....mind you it is a rug runner .

Struggle to understand why people ask silly money for these now. ...it's kinda ropey /.




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Continuing in the line of "try something differen"t .... making buildings in Qwerty not 35th scale....

Also found a likely scenario , the Battle for Geel in Belgium , 8 -23rd September , where us Brits ( 50th Inf Div) battled to a fro over the town of Geel with the Germans of  85th Inf , II Reg Falschy troops supported by Jagdpantherererers of the 559 SPzJAbt .


Some period pics from Geel ATB attached too

I'd never heard of this battle till I went looking, so happy again to learn something new. 






Yes those are  C47s for Market Garden ..



Church got a pasting , the spire taken out on approach as had became standard practice in France etc . Bloke out front with an odd looking helmet ...Belgian or Turtle Helmet ? Nice Churchill reference pic too , how much extra track ?...all of it .




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