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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1/32 Salmson 2-A2 USAS


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Hi all,


  I wanted to jump in the GB with the Wingnut Wings Salmson.





  I want to super detail this build so I'll start with the engine. The Salmson engine has clothes pin springs that are moulded as a solid part on the kit engine...........






So I made a jig out of plastic and metal rod and made a spring to see how it would turn out..............




Here's the result, I'm happy with it.............




Here is where it will go after I modify the kit part.......






thanks for checking in,



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  Thanks Jonathan, Dave and James. Love this site, there are some amazing builds going on here! 

The jig I made is helping a lot, I have 18 of these things to make (and a few extra to feed the carpet monster) and I'm almost done. Next I'll have to remove the molded on springs from the kit part but that doesn't look like it will be too difficult.
I'm not sure when I'll put the springs on at this point as they can't be handled very much or they get bent easily, so probably after some painting and assembly. I'll have to do some more thinking on that.


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Hi Mark,


Perhaps you can add them after main engine painting, using Klear or similar, as an adhesive. Just do a few a time, leave to dry, then rotate. Got to say it's another idea I'll have to shamelessly copy for mine when the time comes.

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Hell's teeth Mark, what a fantastic way to announce your arrival!  Welcome aboard and wow, great idea adding the springs - detail like that is the difference between good and fabulous.


That's it .. chair pulled up, drink in hand and watching! 

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As Grant said,the difference between good and fabulous is a very comfortable chair and and a large drink (At least I think he said that). Being serious,fantastic to see.This site seems to be a magnet to innovative genii,learning from each other,at the same time egging each other on.Love it.

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Many thanks for the comments everyone. You've really made me feel welcomed. I look forward to many more builds here!



The Guitarlute "Salmson Engine Factory" has been hard at work and I've enjoyed every minute. The engine goes together like a dream and is a little model in itself. I've done a lot of the detail painting and I've added ignition wires to the back of the engine (I'll do the front tomorrow). So here is how it stands right now..................










I'll add the springs once I'm ready to mount the engine to the fuselage.


Thanks for checking in!!



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I've actually had time to paint and put the springs on before I go to work. Here's where the engine stands so far..............


The engine front................




and the side....................






Just a little more work to do and it's done............



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Thanks for the comments guys! This build is so much fun!!. 


Next I'll be moving on to the belt driven wireless and it's equipment. There is an excellent picture of this area on page 17 of the "Salmson Aircraft of World War 1" book by Flying Machines Press. The belt driven wireless replaced the propeller driven wireless that was mounted to the starboard side of the fuselage. Profiles A,B,E and possibly D use the Prop wireless. So that leaves me with Profile C (possibly D) to use which was my first choice anyway so it worked out fine.


I'll have an update soon.



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