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Hawker Hurricanes found in Ukraine


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You'll be lucky to get enough useable bits for one. You'll find the tubular frame and probably the wings, the articles say they were stripped and I imagine that included the engine and pretty much anything the Russians would find useful. "Broken apart" probably means smashed to pieces with a bulldozer. Honestly I've seen and heard of so many of these "recoveries" over the years, it all starts with people being enthusiastic about the find and thoughts of rebuilding aircraft etc etc only to end with a bunch of twisted, corroding metal being dug out of a hole and dumped in or on some poor museum who then, after all the enthusiasm and back slapping dies out, quietly dumps it back in a hole because it wasn't worth recovering in the first place.

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Seeing the one pic...   could be a couple bicycle frames stuck together.  Obviously, a high priority since the country is supposed to need every penny to fight the Soviet menace.

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