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1/35 Tamiya Panzer III L


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Although I mainly build aircraft, I occasionally like to dabble in armor.  Here is an old model I finished back in 1999/2000 IIRC.  It's the Tamiya kit, with Fruli tracks with a few minor details added.  Just pulled it out of the display case to take some photos as I realized I had none!  Modeled as it would have been on the plains of Russia in the Summer of 1942.












This was the second armor piece that I built (first is a Panther G I'll post soon).  Tracks are a tad loose (those old clamp Fruli tracks seem to do that over time), but overall still in pretty good shape for being so old :) 


Thanks for looking!



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Thanks guys, I appreciate your kind comments!  As this was the last armor piece I built , I guess it's time to dig out the initial production Tiger I started on a few years ago and get it done :)



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Ahhh my favourite Chassis ... The Mk.III ... and one of my favorite variants too! ... Great build ... love the camo - it took me numerous tries on a paint mule to get that one right!!!

This is the sort of main battle tank Guderian would have wished for in 1939/40

Isn't the mantlet missing its fontal armour plate though? ... did it drop off, or did you elect not to install it?


Rog :)

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Thanks again guys!  It was a fun scheme to paint, and I really like the way it turned out as well.  


And Rog, as you guessed, I've left the mantlet armour plate off intentionally, as IIRC this was common.  I've got it all painted up matching the rest of the tank in the event I ever want to add it in future :)



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