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Ok Mikester, I'm paying off on our bet. Meng's Me-163

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3 years ago I made a bet with one of our club members. I lost the bet and had to build a German aircraft. The last German aircraft I built was in the back seat of my Dad's company car while he was with a customer, drinking beers in Kelley pub in K.C. on St Patrick's day, 1962. It was Aurora's red plastic Me 109. It was put together in about an hour and yes, I got a good buzz off the glue. 


Fast forward to December 31 2013 when out of the blue I bought Meng's ME -163 at my LHS. I started the build watching football games on New Years Day and finished the little bugger 4 games later. Built out of the box with some artistic license regarding the camo.  


It's very detailed but the fit is tricky. Don't worry Mikey, I haven't gone to the dark side. but at least I paid off the bet.


Happy New Year








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Better late than never, I reckon!  Looks great, Mike!


Thanks Mikey, The hardest part of the build was figuring out how to put the swastikas on. the decals are in 2 pieces and there's nothing on the directions.


Take care. We miss ya. 

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