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1:32 Revell Junkers Ju87 B-2

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Revell's old Ju87 B-2 and the first naive attempts at weathering a large scale model.  Tamiya tape and Gunze RLM acrylic colours for the hard-edged camo; Chris Wauchop's "Tamiya flat black/red-brown mix" for the exhaust stains and post-shading; and a few Tamiya enamels thinned with white spirit for the chipping.  Can be scary looking backwards!!


















Not seen too many of the Trumpeter Stukas built.  Perhaps it's time to give one a go...


Thanks for looking.  Cheers, Ralph.

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If you're truly looking for a scare I'll pull out some of my early efforts!  I fight a constant battle with post shading panel lines, I like the effect but never seem to be able to pull it off subtly enough to be satisfied with it.  I've got Trumpeter and 21st CT Stukas in the stash, maybe I'll pull out one for the Junkers GB.


Very nice though, and you gotta' love those Revell golf ball sized rivets! ;)

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It looks realy good I think!! :D ... I can't do any better - and in a lot of cases, quite a bit worse!!

I think it looks the proper "Clunky Junkers" ... Solid, but not streamlined (It ain't a Messerschmitt or FW-190 you know!).


Rog :)

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