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Winter KV-1 Dio....

Dave J

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Well I haven't really built any Armour, so I would jump into the deep end head first and make it a Diorama also, which is another first!


So my plan is to have a KV-1 knocked out / abandoned on the side of the road, with German Soldiers walking pass it, in slushy/muddy snow.


I will be using this as the base kit -




Also have the Lion Roar set




and a set of Fruils -



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I built this kit some years ago. Nice kit. Also used the friul tracks i believe. The Lion Roar sets are amongst the best. Up there with Voyager.

When cleaning up the attic today I stumbled on a lot of unbuilt armour kits. Might try my hand on one again when seeing you start this.


You'll have to show some progress to really pull me in.

Anyhoo.... following this!

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Well it appears that the Ebay seller of the Lion Roar set has shafted me, by taking my money and not sending the product, looks he has a track record of it too...


Oh well, claim filed with Paypal and now that I can't find that set instock anywhere, I have managed to find a couple of other options that I have on the way...


I have ordered the Eduard PE set for, was on special for $10!




ET Models Set for a crazy NZ$8!!! I mainly got it for the tool boxes, but seems it has some stuff that the Eduard set doens't.




RB Productions Barrel




And some Aber Russian Shackles...



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