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Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G


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I've decided to build DML's Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G Apr-May '43 Production (6594):




There are ten different schemes to choose from, and I have no clue which one I am going to pick. I do need to decide before adding the barrel since a couple schemes L/43. Currently, I'm leaning towards the L/48. Bigger is better, right? 


There's also choices to be made in turret type and schürzen: Yes or No?



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I've got this one in the stash but I have to say the sheer part count of Dragon kits intimidate me.  Maybe it's ADD but every time I open the box it's like "sheez, I'll never finish that!". 

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Wow - I appreciate all of the interest, guys!


I love the scheme illustrated in the box art as well, and I may go with that one (schürtzen and all  :) ). But then again, I really want to do a three tone scheme so I can take advantage of the new-fangled AK Interactive German War Colors (1937-1944):




Bison Decals has a few schemes in one of their releases as well, but I want to stay in the box as much as possible. Speaking of in-the-box, the part count is indeed insane, but I think most of them can be attributed to the magic tracks. I've never used magic tracks before; they look like they were made to drive a man insane. So, I may go with some aftermarket tracks.


Anyway, I should have some actual progress to post later this weekend.

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Not a lot of progress, but made it through Step 3 and have some pics to share...












I should have more soon, especially since most of the tedious, repetitive work is complete (wheels & sprockets & related). That is, until those crazy magic tracks.  :huh:

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It has been a while, but at least I have been busy. And now I am finally ready for an update... 


Here are some pics of the mostly complete panzer (as far as assembly). I still have to assemble the tracks, permanently attach the road wheels and sprockets, add the tow cables, and attach the spare track links to the front of the hull:













On to the painting... Speaking of which, I have decided on a scheme: a tri-color Pz.IV G from the 20th Pz.Div. in 1943. So, no schürtzen but it will have the L/43 gun. Hopefully, the next update will be sooner rather than later. (It has to be; my M48A3 is languishing on the shelf waiting to be finished.)


Thanks for looking!

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Appreciate the feedback guys! Here are couple pics with it in Dunkelgelb. I used a primer coat of AK Interactive's Primer Black (awesome stuff), then applied AK Interactive's RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb. 






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