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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1/32 Revell BF 110C-4B (L1+DH) Nightfighter

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That's looking great Ralph. I should post my 110 up soon too. This is encouragement.


For your pictures, have you tried copying the IMG code line and pasting in your posts? This is one I just did:



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James I am using my pad while my laptop is being repaired and it doesn't command the same on photobucket. Hope to have my laptop back tomorrow so I can post pictures correctly!

Building the BF110 engine was fun. I used Vallejo Washes and Tamiya flat aluminum XF-16 to dry brush. The engine serial number decals I got off of a train decal sheet!

Again I'm new to all these techniques so learning as I go!

Thanks Guy for the kind words.

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Sorry for the delay in further build updates. My laptop is still in repair hopefully finished this week plus on Thursday I had my gallbladder removed. I have managed to complete the build using all the new skills learned here since I'm retired and have lots of time :-) so new pictures soon.

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Sounds good James. I'm really pleased with the outcome of the the long wire antenna. I used all the suggestion I recieved and several I found on other sites. I believe my skill set improved with this build and I look forward to the Ju 88 night fighter I'm going to do for the group build.

I need to find a source for a nose conversion and nose antenna arials.

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Okay I think I have figured out all the Photo Bucket/laptop technology and now can post pictures, lol!! So here goes!!


I purchased this Revell History Makers BF 110C-4B kit via eBay bid for $19.95!! Great deal I thought! The kit was unopened and in new condition with all the pieces  in factory sealed plastic bags. Overall the kits fit was pretty good with the exception of the engine nacelles and nose cone!



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You can clearly see in this photo the poor fit of the nose cone. Holes for the four 7.6MM machine guns were pre-drilled however the two 40MM cannon were sealed.




The four 7.6MM machine guns were very unrealistic!




I decided to use a few new skill sets learned on the forum and bought brass tubing at Hobbytown to emulate the barrel size of the 7.6MM and 40MM guns. I cut the brass tubing to size with my Dremel, drilled the 40MM holes open and glued the barrels in place using super glue. Then using lots of putty to fix the ill fitting nose sections I was able to join to the fuselage. 



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