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T-26 Model 1933 Light tank; HobbyBoss 1/35

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Heheh, well, my little T-26 posed for you, Paulster:


The Trumpeter model is really very nice. Moulding is detailed and petite. There are some headscratchers, thoug and to think I don't even know anything about this tank!


First is the fact that Trumpeter thinks that this was the first tank where the driver knew where he was supposed to drive by means of sonar or one of those popular little GoPro action cams. The T-26 didn't have a driver periscope so this driver hatch isn't going to improve traffic safety... The four bolts for the armoured glass viewing block are there, though!




So I thought I'd give it a vision slit...




The next subject of amazement is the engine air intake/exhaust (I really don't know which it is!) at the rear. Trumpeter provides a sort of "prompter's box" with etched mesh, but it just sits on the engine deck!




So a rectangle was cut from the deck. At a later time I'll also add some baffles that the real tank had as best as I have been able to ascertain from photos from the internet. I have found zero pics of T-26 engine compartments or restoration being done...




To give an idea how it would look:




Don't forget to sand/scrape the punchmarks off.




A piece of the plastic rectangle from the engine deck was used to blank off the inside of the driver's viewing slit. The real tank had a block of armoured glass there, so it really wasn't possible to see something inside when the hatches were closed. I have assembled the hull top like this, that isn't really according to the instructions but I chose to do it like this because I still have some work to do under the engine deck and I just had a mind to build up this casemattey thingy!




And if you then put some of the sub-assemblies together for a moment it already starts to look like a cute little tank!



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change from embedded pictures to externally hosted, so that all viewers can see them
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I can't see your last pictures Erik. Telling me I don't have permission to see.



I can't see them either  - and I'm curious to see what you did with the vision slit.


Guys, it has something to do with the fact that I attached the pics directly to the site. I'll upload them ASAP to PhotoBucket and link them to the WIP. At the moment I'm at work so I'll see if I can fix it later tonight.

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