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1/32 Aviattic WWI German Fuel cart


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1/32 WWI German Aviation Fuel Cart

Aviattic (ATTR 011)



Available from www.aviattic.co.uk for £ 19,75


With the sudden explosion of 1/32 WW1 subjects, spurred on by almost single handedly Wingnut Wings, it’s a mystery to me not more companies jumped in to cater the modeller to their ‘needs’.  The most prolific companies in this scale and era can be counted on one hand. We know Aviattic from their ultra realistic lozenge decals and exotic schemes for the Wingnut Wings kits, but I for one, am really glad they ventured into the realm of resin. Dipping their toes in the water with super thin cowlings for the Fokker Eindecker, and now profiding us with a complete resin kit of a german fuel cart. A great addition for that WWI aerodrome display. With my expectations high after reviewing their resin cowlings I opened the box. Here we go.




The packaging

A sturdy front flip cardboard box filled with foam protects the hard plastic case which holds the parts. A very clever way of packing these fragile parts. I tend to stack large and small boxes in my stash, which over time can cause the cardboard boxes to collapse. This hard plastic case will guarantee a long and safe life as shelf queen.




However, there is no excuse to let this one wait too long, due to the straightforward construction and little clean up necessary.

The metal spring / hose is something I haven’t seen before. It is very flexible which causes the hose to ‘fall’ and drape just like the real thing. It feels like a metal spring, but  is wound so tight, it looks like a hose. This hose behaves just the way you want to express it in 1/32 scale.




All you need to add yourself is some rigging wire, BUT we can safely assume that having bought this kit, you will have a good supply of your favorite rigging wire. The pumping mechanism is secured by four rigging wires to the cart. Fastened with turnbuckles. These turnbuckles are supplied and taped safe to the back of a cardboard card.




What do we get?

5 pieces of resin, turn buckles, a metal spring / hose and metal wire. The resin is (as I expected) very, very delicate. The casting is well thought out to ensure minimal cleanup. A thin film of resin can bes een between the parts, which breaks away by the touch. All you need to do is run your scalpel along the edges to get rid of this. Actually this film protects the delicate parts (like the pump) from damage while begin in the casting block. It just holds everything nicely together.










The large fuel drum is massive and features a very fine texture. It is cast in a way that is does not need cleanup at all, being casted at the axles.







And now for the wheels, which are my favorite. Wooden wheel rims are made from several curved pieces of wood. Aviattic did a great job in replicating this, by showing the seams between these parts and the protruding metal hoop on which they roll.









The metal hose will have tob e attached to the tap just below the pumping mechanism. The person doing the pumping would stand within the metal brace and could in this way operate both the pump and the valve. A hook is provided at the top of the pump to hang the rolled up hose on during transport.






Instructions are not included. All you need to do is look at the photo on the box to know what goes where. And that goes for the painting instructions as well.




I had a hard time looking for good reference material and would welcome anyone that has seen a photo of the real thing to post them here. It would give the modeller a good idea of exactly how this cart was used and where it was postioned next to the plane. 



A great addition to your german ww1 aerodrome display. Whether it is in a diorama or cleanly posed on a nice wooden base alongside a Fokker. Very easy and straightforward to build. Even for the less experienced resin handler. In the near future a special figure that handles this fuel cart (sculpted by Steve Warrilow) will be available too. We at LSM love it and would certainly also welcome a british version.



Very highly recommended


Our sincere thanks to Richard from Aviattic for the review sample. To purchase directly, click HERE.




Jeroen Peters

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Erg mooi..zag hem laatst langskomen op FB

Translation: "Looking very good... Noticed it on Facebook the other day."



Hi Peter, can you please post in English as most of our members and visitors don't speak Dutch. If you include some light banter / joke in Dutch with your post as the other Dutch regulars sometimes do; please include an English translation, so everyone knows what it's about.


Thanks and enjoy your time here on the forums!!



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Guest DannyVM

Very nice review Jeroen, and offcourse, very nice casted fuel cart.


Mine's allready ordered.





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