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32nd scale IAR-81C / Azur-Frrom


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Dear modellers,


I´d like to present here our newest 1/32 kit of the Romanian IAR-81C:




For Azur-Frrom company, our foreign partner, we are producing model of the probably most famous Romanian fighter plane, the IAR-81C in 1/32 scale. The model is in five frames of grey plastic and one frame of clear parts, there are also detailed resin parts, photo-etches and two decal sheets containing five different planes of the Romanian air force. The whole model was designed using the 3D technology, the main parts – fuselage halves, wing and the tailplanes - are moulded in short-run type moulds. What distinguishes this model from the short-run production is the remaining parts in two frames. These are moulded in metal moulds in excellent quality. This gives the model a highly detailed interier, engine and undercarriage. The control surfaces, ie the rudder, elevator and the flaps, can be attached in different positions. A slim booklet of sixteen pages, printed in full colour, will be your companion throughout the construction.



Photos 01, 02

IAR-81C fuselage with fine engraved panel lines and fasteners:








Photos 03, 04

The wing with some overlapping panels and deep and detailed wheel wells:








Photo 07 shows the frame with control surfaces. On close-up views 05 and 06 you can see realistically sagged fabric on the construction of the ailerons and flaps.










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Photo 08 – Overall view of the first shots from metal moulds:




Photo 09 – Cylinders of the two-row radial engine made of four parts:




Photo 10 – Detail of the head rest:




Photo 11 shows mainwheels of the undercarriage, tires with the tread and the brake discs with a relief. On the right the reduction gear casing of the engine is visible and partially also its rear part:



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Photo 12 – the second of the metal moulds for the IAR-81C model. Exhaust and carburettor intake on the left, small parts for the cockpit in the middle of the mould and u/c well parts on the right:




Photo 13 – parts of the cockpit:




Another parts of the cockpit are on photo 14, the bulkhead ahead of the instrument panel and the cockpit floor:



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Clear parts, the canopy is in two pieces and there are also two clear parts for the gunsight, the sun-screen and reflector glass. We have forgotten one of them and therefore it is injected separately:




The decals and photo-etched parts. There are five different markings. It was prepared with the help of probably the greatest expert on the Romanian AF, Mr. Radu Brinzan:




Resin parts – exhausts, gunsight and two types of carburettor intake. The bigger one is fitted with anti-dust filter with fine mesh on its surface:




Instructions printed on glossy coated paper and stapled to a slim booklet will guide you through the construction:



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