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1/32 WWII Soviet aircraft interest? ...


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Hi all ...


I'm not sure if I've posted this thread in the correct place ... so, Mods', please forgive the transgression and shift it if required! I've pretty much copy/pasted this from my thread on there.


A few of you might have seen this recent thread posted by 'Vitali' on LSP (Large Scale Planes) 18th June ... but to fill in the background info for this thread (and save me from doubling up!), have a decko ... and at the link he provided in his opening post.




With a couple of emails exchanged between Mike (the Merit website manager) and I, due to the confusion surrounding the listing on scale size (i.e.: 1/32 & 1/48), he seemed genuinely intrigued about the interest level the ad had sparked for 1/32 scale ... his final reply is below:


"Hi Roger,


Sorry to dissapoint!  However we are always looking for the next big thing (pun intended) and our owners are very receptive to the forum communities.  So, it may be possible to consider producing a twin engine Soviet aircraft kit in that scale if enough people would be interested.  We will keep the community informed!

Thanks Again
Mike Johnston
Merit International"


Ok folks ... so, the question is one of interest level!! ... Please be aware that I will provide Mike with a link to this thread so he can pop in and look at your suggestions ... probably a good idea to follow the forum rules in spirit on this one ... I think we would like to create a good impression (also not annoying the Mods is good!)... any ideas/thoughts are welcome as long as they are Soviet, WWII and predominantly (though not exclusively!) twins biggrin.png


Rog smile.png

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First, thanks for taking the time to do this. I think if more manufacturers see we are interested, they're more likely to take a chance.


Not knowing much about Soviet aircraft, I'm open to anything. One of the ways I accumualted so much knowledge about other equipment, was by being intrigued by the model, purchasing it, then researching it in an attempt to do it right. Of course that leads to more research, more model purchases, (to correct my ignorant mistakes, of course), which leads to more AM purchases, etc...


I'd love to see more true Russian equipment, we've got plenty of decals to create lend-lease, but not enough true Soviet designs.

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I'm with the rest of the group! I'd love to see more true Russian aircraft in 1/32. Also the Italians and French flew some great looking equipment too! The more the merrier I say! I mean I have a stash to build, oh my Lord I need help, lol!!

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